Websites for Fundraising

We know fundraising. A unique "plug-and-play" program designed to generate revenue for nonprofits!

Our exclusive plug-and-play fundraising program is designed to help you generate new revenues - at no charge to your organization!

Sound too good to be true?

The current program "Art with a Purpose" can be added to any existing website - at no charge - enabling your constituents to participate in this unique fundraising program on your behalf.

Most importantly, the program is designed to provide nonprofits with a much higher rate of return and a higher revenue margin – something that it normally a challenge in the nonprofit world, especially for organizations that have limited resources to execute programs.
We recognize the challenge faces when it comes to raising funds. The time, cost and resources required to fund new programs, meet capital requirements and to keep the message alive is never ending.  We created “Art with a Purpose” to help nonprofits finally have a fundraising program that works – and to help them raise enough to fund their mission and important programs.

How it Works:

Here's what WE do:

  • We provide you - at no charge - your Online Art with a Purpose Gallery that you embed into your own website.
  • You give you 20% of all sales.
  • We provide:
    • Standard marketing collateral to promote your online fundraising store to your constituents, including:
      • Email template
      • Postcard template
      • Flyer template
      • "How-To" video on how to setup a mail campaign in Nimble
  • For an additional charge, we provide:
    • Implement a Google Grant campaign for you. You get up to $10,000 in online advertising for only $1,250 management fee.
    • Branded marketing collateral (same as standard except with YOUR brand)
    • Branded website (same as standard except with YOUR brand)
Here's what YOU do:
  • Let all your donors, sponsors, friends and families and the world know that if they buy a beautiful piece of artwork from your website, they are helping YOU.
  • Receive a payment of 20% of all sales from your Peace of Art online gallery.
  • Figure out what you can do with the new revenue you are now receiving!

About Us

Art with a Purpose is a joint venture of:
James Coleman Studios

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