Website Non-Financial Features

PowerSite123 offers a whole host of non-financial features that help you create a world-class website that is both interesting and interactive.

Publish Articles, Success Stories and Testimonials
  • Enhance publicity by publishing compelling information on your website about your organization, including articles, success stories and testimonials -- even video testimonials.
  • Content can be published online by your staff without programming, HTML or technology knowledge required.
Publish eNewsletters
  • Enable visitors to sign up for one ore more types of eNewsletters, based on their interests.
  • Easily segment and send out each newsletter to only those individuals that have signed up to receive it.
  • Includes opt-out/unsubscribe capability.
  • Incorporates spam minimization techniques.
Invite Constituents to Join Your Email List
  • Don't miss the opportunity to build a relationship with constituents ... capture their email online. Remember, if they sign up, they like you!
  • Enable visitors to specify their interests, so they'll only receive emails regarding things they care about.
  • Reduce mailing, printing, and other costs associated with direct mail vs. email.
Recruit Employees (or Volunteers)
  • People may apply for specific jobs on-line, while submitting their resume and cover letter.
  • Post information about your organization, job openings, etc.
Encourage E-advocacy
  • Visitors can take action in support of your mission.
  • Enable constituents to easily write their elected representatives, corporate leaders, etc.
  • Facilitate e-petitions.
Offer Searchable Directories
  • Create a searchable, online directory of whatever you want -- resources, locations, clients, products, services, etc.
  • Enable visitors to easily search the directory by any field (even multiple fields).
  • Permit anyone to add themselves to the directory -- with your approval.
Easily create and edit Search Engine Optimization information
  • Use PowerSite123's powerful CMS to easily create and maintain:
    • Description metatags
    • Keyword metatags
    • Alt tags
    • Headings
    • Page titles
    • Page URLs
    • Outbound links
    • And lots more to boost your search engine ranking
Incorporate Images
  • Easily embed photos, graphics, animation, audio, video, and attachments (such as PDFs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and virtually any other type of file).
  • Create beautiful photo albums.
  • Include as many images as you want on specific pages or globally (i.e., across every page of your site). You specify the image, size, caption, whether or not it is clickable (and where it links to), borders, alignment, and more.
Be a Resource Center for Your Constituents
  • Having a resource center is a great way to drive traffic to your website and gives visitors a reason to return.
  • A resource center also helps your search engine optimization efforts because search engines begin to view you as an expert and a provider of relevant information.
Offer eCards
  • Provide branded eCards/greeting cards that constituents can send. These are a good way to drive more traffic to your site.
Engage with Questionnaires or Public Opinion Polls
  • Gauge visitors' thoughts and opinions
Refer This Site
  • Visitors may refer your organization to friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues -- initiating the sort of viral marketing that can exponentially expand your base of constituents.
Ask For Feedback
  • Ask for feedback about your organization, your programs and services, your events, even your website or social media.
Create Secure Transactions
  • Create secure non-financial transactions -- for example, to process forms that contain SSN or other sensitive information.
Add Social Media, Blogs, Forums (Web 2.0 Functionality)
  • Utilize social networking and communication tools that can enable you to create online communities of people with common interests, hopefully in ways that will add value both to them and to you.
  • Engage constituents in discussion forums.
  • Communicate and add optimized content in blogs.
  • Enable blog readers to subscribe (through RSS) so they'll be automatically notified each time you post a new blog entry.
  • Easily integrate Facebook with your website.
For other non-financial features, visit PowerSite123 Administrative Features.