Website Maintenance

Your Maintenance Options

With PowerSite123's easy to use FMS (Functionality Management System), your website is easy to manage without programming or technical skills. Thus, you have two options regarding website maintenance: 

  1. Do It Yourself. After your website is setup (see Website Setup), we'll train one or more of your staff to take over the site maintenance. Complete training only takes about an hour.  Our FMS is so easy to use, you don't really need training -- but we're sure you'll find it very helpful.
  2. PowerSite123 Maintenance. Your 2nd option is to have PowerSite123 personnel make ongoing changes to your site with an annual contract. Our maintenance service includes the following:
    • Maintaining your site: You send us whatever content you want – text, images, attachments, and look & feel. We’ll incorporate them into your site for you (up to a maximum of two hours per month, with no rollover).
    • Reviewing your site: Each time we update your site, or whenever you want us to, we’ll use our expert analysis techniques to evaluate your site. We’ll give you our feedback, including recommendations on how your site can look and function better and how to generate even better results.

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