Creating a Website with Financial Features

We are committed to assisting you in your revenue generating efforts and in creating a website that meets your needs. Our PowerSite123 website platform incorporates many features to help you grow the number of visitors that take action (make a purchase, register or sign up) and helps you provide a variety of options and ways to offer them products and services.

Creating a Website: Receive Online Payments
  • Keep visitors on your site—don't kick them off onto 3rd party payment sites, such as PayPal. Visitors are more likely to take action when purchases can be made securely, within your site.
  • Decrease costs by reducing postage, printing, labor, and time spent processing manual sales and thank yous.
  • Sales can be made by credit card or e-check.
  • Purchasers have the option of one-time or recurring payments.
Creating a Website: Sell Event Tickets
  • Increase event revenue and spend less staff time/$ processing registrations — enabling you to focus on marketing instead of administering.
  • Includes a fully integrated solution ... no extra software to install or learn.
  • Enable event registrants to choose their price level, pay online, supply you with event-specific information, get a map and directions, receive a customized confirmation, and more.
Creating a Website: Set up an eStore!
  • Now visitors can enjoy shopping online....eCommerce is simplified with PowerSite123.
  • Your e-store can incorporate inventory control, tax, shipping, thumbnail and full-size images, product options such as colors or sizes, featured items, full shopping cart functionality, unique eStore design, and more.
Creating a Website: Earn Affiliate Marketing Commissions
  • Earn extra dollars by helping your visitors connect to other products and services and that may be of interest to them ... and earn commissions while doing it.
  • You can also pay commissions to other sites for referring donors and others to you.
Plus other features for creating a website:
  • Online Merchant Accounts
  • Membership Dues
  • Fees for Services

Has your organization been thinking about creating a website with financial features? Our website experts are here to help you! Please contact us with questions, to schedule a Private Website Consultation, or to get started with your own website today!