Website Setup

(includes Homepage, Menu and 2nd Level Page Template)

Built Just For You

Each PowerSite123 website is built to specs using:
  1. Your design (i.e., look and feel)
  2. Your content (submitted in your Content Collection Worksheet. Send us whatever content you want - text, images, attachments.)
  3. Your photos (your own photos or stock photos - your choice)
  4. Your animation (if applicable)

Site setup can begin once:
1. Your design files have been submitted to PowerSite123.
2. Your complete content has been submitted to PowerSite123.

Three Steps

Your PowerSite123 website will be built for you in three steps as follows:
  1. Homepage
    Your homepage is built in its entirety including embedding animation (if applicable), photos or graphics. Each site also can include an email sign-up form and call-to-action buttons.

  2. Menu/Navigation Structure
    Your menu, including Main Menu Tabs and Drop Down Menu Tabs, is customized to the specific needs of your organization.

  3. 2nd Level Page Template
    During website setup, we build your 2nd level page template and then upload all of your content using content you've provided in your "Content Collection Worksheet".

Adding Valuable Features

Using our expertise, we’ll add content and functionality you may not have considered which, based on our experience, you may find valuable. Of course, you can easily change or delete these if you like.


We’ll train one or more of your staff to take over the site once we’re done. Complete training typically takes only about one hour.  Even though PowerSite123 doesn’t actually require any training to use, those clients who have been through our training have found it valuable. The training session ends only after you have learned how to do everything you are likely to need within the Functionality Management System and all your questions and issues are resolved.
Learn about our Website Maintenance Service.