PowerSite123 Website Administrative Features

PowerSite123's website platform offers many administrative features that not only help with management of your website, but also enhances operational effectiveness.

24/7 Customer Service

Few companies offer such responsive, 24-hour customer service! We provide at least 6 ways of getting help whenever you need it, including:Online supports
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Chat
  • eMail support
  • 24/7 phone support
Build Forms
  • Don't be restricted with only one or two forms on your website ... you can easily add as many forms as you like.
  • Use forms as a way to interactively collect information from your constituents.
  • Gather valuable information that can be used for your marketing, fundraising and development efforts.
  • Enable website visitors to respond to your compelling "calls to action".
  • Any form that people currently fill in on paper can now be an interactive online form.
  • You decide on the fields, format, default values, required vs. optional, help text, and more.
  • Even accept payment on the form.
Build and Mange Your Database
  • Effectively build, grow, and manage your database of clients/donors, prospects, event attendees, volunteers, media, etc., so you can strategically cultivate them. 
  • Import/export data between your website and other software platforms (e.g., Raiser's Edge, DonorPerfect, Excel, Access, and other applications and databases).
Custom Design
  • Usually to get this kind of functionality without a big price tag, you may have to select from poorly designed template or cookie-cutter options. One major difference of PowertSite123 is it is fully customizable from a design perspective.
  • You can have a site that is customized, professional, attractive, and reflects your branding.
Send Outgoing E-mails
  • Create your own customized e-mails to send automatically to users who complete a specific transaction (known as auto reply), or manually to whomever you want in your database.  Personalize these e-mails (e.g., "Dear George" instead of "Dear Friend"). Include attachments. Send e-mails to everyone, to just one person, or to any subset you define.
  • PowerSite123 uses technology to maximize the likelihood your e-mails will be delivered --- not rejected as spam. Of course, there are many factors beyond our control of that influence whether or not an e-mail is actually received. 
Build Powerful Navigation
  • Create your own hierarchical menu structure
  • Display it horizontally, vertically, in "explorer" format (where users can expand or contract menus and sub-menus), or create your own graphical menu buttons
  • Your menu is dynamic, so users can roll their mouse over a main menu item, and a drop-down (or multiple levels of drop-downs) automatically display.
  • Easily order, rename, or move menu items or sections.
Create Customizable Styles
  • Create styles that govern specific areas of your site -- such as text, forms, blogs, menus, and much more.
  • Choose from dozens of style types, or create your own.
  • For each style, you can globally specify font, style, color, size, margins, borders, background images, and much more.
  • Any changes you make to a style are instantly reflected anywhere that style is used throughout your site.
  • Make your site accessible for the disabled (e.g., visually impaired, physically impaired, etc.).
  • This includes large font size, significant contrast between foreground and background color, tags (for all graphics, photos, buttons, and menus), navigation by mouse OR keyboard, labels for all form fields, and much more.
  • You can make your site compliant with industry standards such as W3C or BOBBY or W3C.
Advanced Payment Processing Security
  • All your financial transactions are secured by the latest Visa/Mastercard industry protocols. This gives both you and your users the confidence that your data and theirs are treated with the most advanced protection and security.
Embed Functionality with One Click
  • With just one click, you can automatically create a calendar - either compact or full size, a site search bar, login capability, and much more.
Incorporate Multimedia
  • Add interest and keep your donors, clients, volunteers, prospects and others engaged in your site.
  • Easily embed a variety of images - animation, graphics, photos, videos, etc. - without programming.
Want to learn more about the importance of using video on your website? Watch our CEO's video.

Generate Powerful Reports
  • Easily track website results and campaigns through comprehensive reports.
  • Site Usage Statistics: Easily determine how many people visited your site, when, how they found your site, how long they spent there, which pages they visited, and much more.
  • Transaction-specific reports—like who’s attending your annual dinner, even what meal they each ordered!
  • All reports are easily customizable with just a few clicks.
  • Create your own reports via easy-to-use commands.
Build Private Areas of Your Site
  • Create sections of your site that are only accessible by your board, members, staff, etc.
  • These sections can be password-protected or not.
Access HTML
  • If you are so inclined, you may edit the HTML behind your site.
  • Easily embed YouTube videos by pasting HTML code.
Generate Foreign Language Versions of Your Site
  • Create a mirror-image site in another language (e.g., Spanish). (*additional fee may apply)
  • As you add or change English content it's automatically translated.
Create a Dynamic Site Map
  • Your site map is automatically updated each time you add, change, or delete a page.
  • Create private pages or sections of your site that do not appear in your site map - and are hidden from search engines.
  • Publish and un-publish specific pages at will.
Choose From a Variety of Online Merchant Account Providers
  • Choose from leading online merchant account providers.
  • We've negotiated great rates and terms for you, as well as excellent service and an easy application process.
  • We've already done all the integration for you.  So once you get your merchant account approved, it only takes 1 minute to incorporate it into your website -- so you can accept money securely within your site.
Enable Multiple Users
  • Create multiple PowerSite123 users each with their own, customizable maintenance privileges.
Manage Your Own Content
  • Our PowerSite123 website platform enables you to easily maintain your entire website -- not just content -- without technical skills.
  • No more relying on expensive programmers to build or change your site—now anyone on your staff can do it any time, usually in just minutes!
  • If you want, you can keep all or part of the content of your existing site.
  • All PowerSite123 functionality is point-and-click.  You'll virtually never touch the keyboard, except to enter your own content.
  • You can upload content in batches.  For example, instead of loading images one at a time, you can load as many as you want at once.
  • Designate whether changes you make to your site should be effective immediately or at a future date/time you specify. You can specify the exact date and time when information or transactions will be posted to your site and removed from your site.
  • If you ever have trouble figuring out how to make a change to your site quickly, our 24/7 client support personnel can open a webinar window and show you!